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The Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council Calendar was created  using Google Calendar and as a result is compatible with a variety of iCal compliant calendar programs (such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Cozi, Windows Live Calendar and Yahoo! Calendar). There is a main Framingham Public School District Calendar that includes all district-wide dates, such as holidays and vacations. Everyone should subscribe to these main calendars. There is also a calendar for each school, with school-specific events, so you only need to subscribe to the school calendars that are relevant to your family. Each calendar has a unique iCal address that you can use to subscribe to it with most online calendars and smartphones. When you subscribe to a calendar, events that are added or updated by FPS will automatically be updated on your device or online calendar too. When in doubt, always reach out to the specific school for more information regarding calendars and services.

Framingham Parent Advisory Council iCal Link:


iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Android Devices & Google Calendar

Microsoft Outlook

Other Calendar Programs

Other FPS iCal URL’s

First – Subscribe to the FPS District Calendar: 

Everyone should subscribe to this calendar, which includes all districtwide dates, such as holidays and vacations.

Next – Subscribe to all the individual School Calendars relevant to your family:

Links to each school website are listed below. Under each school their is also a school calendar link that is listed below and may contain dates and events specific to each school.

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