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Meet and Greet and Q&A with Our New Superintendent, Dr. Robert Tremblay

Please join us on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at the Cameron Middle School auditorium from 7 to 9 PM for a Meet and Greet and Q&A with our new superintendent, Dr. Robert Tremblay, to discuss special education. You will have an opportunity to ask questions of Dr. Tremblay either face-to-face or anonymously by writing your question on a card for one of the SEPAC officers to ask on your behalf.

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With a 48-hour notice, we will make every attempt to provide interpreters for foreign languages and ASL for anyone who requests such.

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F-SEPAC Parent/Guardian Support Group

Join our monthly parent/guardian support group formerly known as the 4Cs support group (Coffee, Comfort, Conversation and Chocolate) every second Friday (except for holidays) from 9 to 11AM at B Sisters Cafe 680 Worchester Road in Framingham on the east bound side of route 9 across the street from Staples, Trader Joes and Walgreens. All parents and guardians of special needs children are welcome.  Please by email supportgroup@F-SEPAC.org or call 508.558.7220 if you have any questions.

Sept 15, Oct 13 , Nov 17, Dec 8, Jan 12, 2018, Feb 9, March 9, April 20, May 11, June 8


Welcome to F-SEPAC     

Being the parent or guardian of a child with special needs comes with lots of challenges. The amount of information you need to help your child can be overwhelming. Just know that you’re not alone. Approximately 23% of children in the Framingham school district have special needs. The Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council, also known as the F-SEPAC, is here to help and support you.


Information on Framingham Public Schools

On the Framingham Public School website you can find a link to your child’s school, the Special Education Department.  You can also find contact info for your team Evaluation Coordinators, Special Ed Director and Assistant Director, the Location of Services and Programs at each school, and description of what is available at various age levels.


Our Mission

F-SEPAC is run by parents who are concerned about the special needs of children in the Framingham schools.   We are a district-wide resource to parents or guardians of children with special needs – offering them information, support, and meetings throughout the school year. As a group the F-SEPAC is mandated and supported by Massachusetts law.

We are a united voice for special needs children and considered an advisory committee to the Framingham school district and its Special Education Department.   We work with them in partnership to determine appropriate programs and services for children with special needs.   We are a group that works to support and protect access to quality education for all children – especially those with disabilities – and participate in decision making that affects policies, rules, and regulations.

F-SEPAC’s mission is to work for the understanding, respect, and support of all children with special needs in Framingham.  We provide opportunities for parents to share experiences and information and come together to learn more about challenges facing children with special needs.