for parents:

Info on the IEP/Individual Education Plan and the 504

Información sobre el PEI/Plan de Educación Individual y el 504 Plan (Spanish)

Informações sobre o IEP / Plano de Educação Individual e o 504 (Portuguese)

504 vs. IEP Basic Similarities and Differences?

Comparison of ADA, IDEA (law for IEP) and Section 504

Eligibility Flow Chart for an IEP or 504 –

IEP Process Guide from the DESE

Individualized Education Program (IEP): Summary, Process and Practical Tips

What happens if my child is found ineligible?

Common Core Standards –

Expanded Core Curriculum –

Parent’s Notice of Procedural Safeguards (Parents’ Rights Brochure) in English and Translated Versions

IEP checklist

Translated IEP Forms and Notices

8 Steps to a better IEP meeting

Is a Child with ADD/ADHD [or Other Health Impairment & Learning Disabilities] Eligible for Special Education?

Evidence-Based Decision Making Individuals with Disability Education Act supports evidenced based decision making and enlists the IES website as the “clearinghouse” for evidence based programs/services. 

Question and Answer Guide on Special Education Extended School Year Programs

Framingham Extended School Year Programs

Observation of Education Programs by Parents and Their Designees for Evaluation Purposes 

Frequently Asked Question from Mass Advocates for Children – The following are some of the most frequent questions we receive from parents. The answers are meant to provide a brief guide to your rights. However, each child and set of facts is unique. If you have a question about your son or daughter, please call our Helpline.

Sample Letters – The following sample letters may be used to request records, evaluations, copies of evaluations, and independent evaluations:

Laws and Regulations – If you would like to learn more about the laws and regulations governing special education rights for children, please refer to the links below:


Standards and indicators of effective teaching practice from the Massachusetts Department of elementary and secondary education –

NCLD and developed an Endrew F. Advocacy Toolkit so parents can learn practical tips to develop an IEP that leads to success for students with learning and attention issues. The toolkit contains talking points and a worksheet to help apply the Endrew F. standard to a child’s IEP. Download the toolkit


response to intervention – RTI

respuesta a intervención – RAI (Spanish)

Resposta à intervenção – RTI (Portuguese)

National Center on Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention: Guidelines for Parents and Practitioners –

What You Need to Know about IDEA 2004 Response to Intervention (RTI): New Ways to Identify Specific Learning Disabilities –  has link to other helpful articles about RTI  

Standards and Indicators of Effective Teaching Practice from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education –

about raising a child with special needs and some guidance

sobre criar a un niño con necesidades especiales y ciertos lineamientos (Spanish)

sobre como criar uma criança com necessidades especiais e algumas orientações (Portuguese)

Build Social Skills and Friendships

Ten Ways a Special Needs Child Will Change You Forever –

Falling in Love with Your Real Child –

Five Ways to Empower Your Special Needs Child –

10 Tips for a Successful School Year –

Getting Past Learned Helplessness for Children Who Face Severe Challenges: Four Secrets for Success by Linda J. Burkhart –

Articles about Dyslexia –

Children’s Mental Health Guide from the Boston Bar Association and Children’s Hospital –

Practical Tools to Help Your Child Build Social Skills and Develop Lasting Friendships – Build Social Skills and Friendships

activities and strategies for helping your child

actividades y estrategias para ayudar a su hijo/a (Spanish)

atividades e estratégias para ajudar a sua criança (Portuguese)

10 Ways to Think Therapeutically About Toys

Make Your Own Therapy Tools and Toys –

Tar Heel Reader – a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces (i.e. switches, alternative keyboards, touch screens, and dedicated AAC devices). The books may be downloaded as slide shows in PowerPoint, Impress, or Flash format.

Free Online Program for Communication that can be downloaded onto your computer and used with a mouse, a touch screen or a switch –

apps for children with special needswww.a4cwsn.comA4cwsn is dedicated to serving children with special needs and the associated communities who work with them. We believe that emerging technology can empower children to develop important quality-of-life skills. We strive to help consumers make informed decisions on which APPS would be the most effective teaching and learning tools for each individual child.

for teachers:

parent – teacher communication

5 Important Questions when Creating Parent – Teacher Logbooks –

Fighting the Good Fight: How to Advocate for Your Students Without Losing Your Job –

Collaborating with Parents –

for your classroom

Requirements for the Participation of Students with Disabilities in MCAS Including Test Accommodations and Alternate Assessment

FormSwift – a project dedicated to creating personal and legal templates that are customizable, easy to use, and highly professional.  Link to fillable Common Core-aligned lesson plan templates, which we have made completely free. You can give them a try at

Kids Quest– Ideas to help students understand different disabilities with ideas on questions to ask and activities to have in the classroom

5 Common Mistakes Made by a School Aide

Behavior Plans in School Settings

Facilitating Peer Interactions at School

VSA Arts of Massachusetts – inclusion through the arts – ideas and resources for your classroom – 617-350-7713, TTY: 617-350-6836

Articles about Dyslexia –

SpeakingofSpeech.comHas an IEP Goal bank with ideas for SLP goals, resources, lessons.

activities and strategies for helping your children (see above for resources and articles)

Basic Rights:Supporting Immigrant and LEP Parents in the Special Education Process –

Special Education in Charter Schools from National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools

NOTE:  F-SEPAC is providing the information above for educational purposes as a public service.  The lists of information above and the participants to the Expo are not F-SEPAC endorsements.

NOTA (Spanish): F-SEPAC está proporcionando la información anteriormente mencionada para fines educacionales como un servicio público. Referencias a cualquier tratamiento, programa o profesional no constituyen respaldo.

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 Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council

 Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council